How to set up C123

C123 is a customer service program.  It connects customers and officers anywhere.  It runs on any web browser.  Simply type:  (Your company name) to log in to the system.  Each company has its own database to store the customer and contact list, service order and chat history.  All information are secured and private.

Explanation of the activities between customer and officer to officer, and customer to his own private contacts:

  1. Customer B at home logs in to C123 and place an order. 
  2. Officer D work at office picks up the order and work on it.
  3. Customer A at work logs in to C123 and place an order.
  4. The manager assigns the order to officer C who works from home.
  5. Customer B checks on the order status and chat with officer D directly.
  6. Officer C needs more information and chat with customer A.
  7. Officer C chat with officer D on official matter.
  8. Customer A can set up direct chat with customer B in private.
  9. The manager monitors all activities